Travelling out and about Phnom Penh

There are several ways to travel from Phnom Penh to the provinces even to the neighboring countries. By choosing a few select destinations, as opposed to traveling all over Cambodia in order to see and do everything, you will save money and time. Consider the logistics of your trip. It takes a lot of time to travel and settle down at your destination.

Getting Around Cambodia


Tuktuk are the most common means of transportation in Cambodia. It is always advisable to negotiate the price in advance. Prices never go lower than 1$. A 15-minute ride normally costs $2.00 (8000Rs). Rates usually gets high at night time and the more people you get to board in the tuktuk.


Busses are the most common means of transportation to the different provinces. Bus departs every hour from Phnom Penh. During regular days, some bus companies offer complimentary pick-ups from the hotel. The rates range from:

Destination Normal Luxury Bus
Siem Reap $12.00-$13.00 $15.00-$18.00
Sihanoukville $6.00-$8.00 $11.00-$12.00
Kep/Kampot $6.00-$8.00 $10.00-$11.00

You may ask our front desk for more information.


Metered taxis are not so popular in Cambodia. You need to pre book them in advance. The flag rate normally is $1.00US (4,000Rs) for the first 1.2km., the succeeding km will be added $0.60 (2.500 riels) more. Most travelers prefer to use tuktuks more than taxis for short distance travels. Airport taxis charge 15USD from the airport to the hotel.

PRIVATE RENT CAR (Include Driver)

Private rent cars can be book in advance. Private rent car allows you to reach the provinces in shorter time compared to busses and minivan.

Destination Camry (5persons) Van (9~11persons)
Siem Reap (one way) $85.00 $150.00
Sihanoukville (one way) $65.00 $120.00
Kep / Kampot (one way) $65.00 $120.00
Half day in town $30.00 $40.00
Half day out of town (2 way) $35.00 $65.00
Full day in town $60.00 $65.00
Full day out of town (2 way) $65.00 $75.00

You may ask our front desk for more information.


You may also take a boat to Siem Reap province. The sceneries are more interesting and engaging (get your sun block ready). The trip takes about 6-hours and normally runs only from April to August when the water is high enough. The rate is 35 USD, and tour boats are always available at the river port. They normally depart in the afternoon around 5PM. The cost is normally 15 USD. Tour boats can also be rented privately. You may ask our front desk for more information.